Callafornia Callas®
Golden State bulb growers (gsbg) is a breeder and commercial producer of its own unique genetic lines. Vertically integrated and responsible for all aspects of production, from breeding to commercial introduction of improved varieties. Gsbg is the world's leading and largest manufacturer of Zantedeschia.
Callafornia Callas® is a registered trademark of GSBG. Energetic young multi-eyed hybrid bulbs of calla F1, supplied under this trademark, have many characteristics and advantages not available in the old plant product, usually supplied from other sources. The photo on the left illustrates the difference between 2-year-old and 3-year-old bulbs of our own bestseller Crystal blush.
2-year versus 3-year and older tubers
The following table and photos give documented reasons to purchase our tuber over those of the competition, two-year tubers over older vegetatively propagated products.
Callafornia Calla®
(GSBG grower product)
Other product
(GSBG dry sales product)
Older (by 1-5 years!)
Young, never more than 2 years old
Apically dominant (fewer growing points)
Multi-eyed (several growing points)
Less vigorous, plant-back or recycled cut-flower stock with 2-4 times the virus and pathogen exposure
Vigorous first-harvest stock with far less virus and pathogen exposure
Exclusively seed grown with hybrid vigor constantly rejuvenated Vegetatively propagated, losing vigor with each growing cycle
Fewer flowers and leaves
Numerous flowers and leaves
Tall, rather thin plant
Full bushy plant
Acceptable stem length and plant stature for garden and perhaps cut-flower use
Best suited to the full range of pot and cut-flower grower needs

Two pictures of calla bulbs here show genetically identical Z. rehmannii superba. The only difference between them in this case is only one additional cycle of harvesting and returning plants.

The two-year-old callafornia calla® on the left has a youthful energy. The three-year-old on the right doesn't do that. Only young vegetative material T2 can approach the strength of the Callafornia Callas® F1 hybrid. However, most of them come from the dominant and susceptible to soft rot, albeit with a higher stem, species Z. elliottiana.

On the other hand, the multilayered genetics of the Z. rehmannii lineage has been incorporated into all lines of Callafornia Calla® pots, as well as in many lines suitable for cutting. Callafornia calla ® hybrid yellow and flame are the exceptions.

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