Any person interested in calla culture should attend. Appointments are recommended but not required. Allow at least an hour or more to take advantage of this excellent educational opportunity. For appointments please click here to email your RSVP.

California Spring Trials

Every year, in conjunction with the California spring trials, Golden State bulb growers conduct a large Callafornia calla®demonstration test. This usually happens in куда сходить в Кисловодске late March and / or early April and is scheduled for April 6-11, 2013.
Thousands of pots of different sizes with more than fifty varieties of callafornia Callas® are made according to the cultural recommendations of the Golden State bulb manufacturers. Different combinations of tubers and pot sizes have been demonstrated to help producers determine the optimal yield for different target markets. Also shown is the production of cut flowers, as well as various other products offered.
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